Month: May 2016

The Autumn Tree By Yasir Khan

  I can hardly decide whether it is heart or a fireball that is enclosed in my rib cage. I have heard people saying in a sarcastic tone that heart can do nothing but supply blood. I can’t resort to their statement with a denial because of the mighty word science, which supplements their every claim. I have to nod just to avoid any further confrontation because I really am not in a position to engage in yet another war. I can reply to them. I can say something that would suffice my ends but I always refrain from this counter attack because my answer’s roots are in a ground of a very different logic. I know we would have to face the philosophical problem of descriptions and prescriptions. If it is so what they say, then why does heart emanates nothing but fire when I think of him. If it is just brain which handles the matters of love, memories, and pain, then why does my heart burn like an old cracked stove around which dance the flames of sacred love, smoke of memories and aroma of pain……. Madiha jotted down whatever came into her mind because she was getting late for her university. She grabbed her bag and left the room. This room was her world, nay, her universe. This was the room to which she had...

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The Poetic Saga of a Peace Warrior by Dr. Ajit Kumar

    “I recommend this to every Indian as a must read.” Tushar Gandhi Santosh Bakaya’s innovative and brilliant poetic tone is visible in her masterpiece, Ballad of Bapu. The bibliography at the end of the book indicates the research Santosh Bakaya has undertaken to compose this evergreen book of poetry about Mahatma Gandhi, a legendary leader and activist of India. She has penned a tour de force that covers Bapu’s entire journey to this immortal land. She has used an exuberant language to portray the different phases of Gandhi’s life.  In the foreword, Nancy Diana Erbe, writes, “Gandhi has inspired so many generations around the world and continues to do so with his ‘mere words’, or profoundly relevant phrases like we need to be the change we wish to see in the world’ or ‘eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind’. This is a wonderful epic poem which unfolds many hidden and known facts about the life of this great Indian leader, right from his birth to his demise. Dr. Bakaya’s philosophical and literary genius over poetic and colloquial lyrics is well realized through her description of different parts of Bapu’s life.  In author’s note, she begins, “It was the afternoon of 13 August 1947, only two days before India’s independence. An old, exhausted and shattered ruin of a man was heading towards...

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Mother by Rehnuma Siddique

Lying in that mundane looking bed with that dead white bed-sheet, I kind of felt happy. The attention I was getting! The Very person standing there had a hint of sympathetic sorrow in their sullen faces. I smiled. Although the sympathy part doesn’t sound really tempting, the tears were consecrated on my behalf. From childhood, I had everything, money, house, friends, everything but the love of my parents. Their life circled around the mechanical timings of parties and the selfish possession of their satisfaction. My life was just as mundane as that bed, although lying there gave me an utter excitement, unlike my brooding life. My mother looked beautiful in that white designer’s sari she wore. But yet somehow the tears in her painted eyes contravened her look. Even her mascara-stained eyelashes batted histrionically on her swollen eye-bags. A strange chuckle grasped my voice. My father! He looked younger to me. Or maybe I had grown old. Old as the haggard I always saw begging near the train station which I passed every day while going to school. No way! She was a gloomy old lady! I was as cheerful as the baby that our neighbor had, chuckling even at the silliest things. And also, I had a similar cherubic fragrance which maddened my own nerves. What was that fragrance, I wondered. It was so addictive that it even...

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