Category: Story

The Girl and the Moon by Ian Craven

There was once a girl who lived near the ocean. At night she loved to walk along the ocean shore and gaze at the moon and stars. She wished the nights would last forever. So it was that whenever the sun rose in the morning the...

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The Door by Yasir Khan

Nothing matters now, here, when my arms are full of you.  Even though everything is a little less than vivid, this moment defines my reality.  All that I wanted, all that I have dreamt and yearned for, all that for which I have...

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Azadpur’s Children by Saima Rashid

  Kashmir, 2030 “We will get it,today or tomorrow. Azadi is our birthright and we shall have it.” These lines are engraved on a wall of Sariya’s school. She remembers her mother talking about the graffiti on the walls of...

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