Category: Translation

Poem by Gulraj Bedi

 Fading Away…. It symbolizes sadness, they say But I’ve never seen such a beauty in decay Remains of summer, still smouldering They cling there, on the branches And see the world turning gray Greyish mist smothers the...

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Poem by Saadi Kawkab

  Runu   Runu, a keen blown ray; after all the amortise, got come to my yard, tried me to smear with warmth. Said, ‘Come on! Book your ticket for Kolkata.’ I couldn’t say her even; my feet can go sheerly...

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Poems by Fethi Sassi

Ache flutes   Really… I do not reflect on eternity But all the history is that I rebuke the wind in the introduced poem… I roister as god does in the poet‘s funeral ceremony I lie down on a tree border embracing baby fruit...

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