Gothic first appeared in medieval literature, and has held its place for ages. When we talk about Gothic, the first thing that comes to mind is darkness with mysterious elements – a call of the unknown. Gothic itself is a genre in literature, and is our next theme. But we thought it would be more interesting if we added a few more genres. So, along with Gothic, we decided to add horror, thriller, mystery, and even fantasy. But wait, there’s more – another twist. Science fiction has its own impact in literature. It has been included as a literary genre perhaps a little late, but since its arrival it has gained more and more momentum and relevance, blending imagination with science and technology. So, sci-fi is the cherry on top.
Gothic, horror, thriller, mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi – this combo is the next theme of Prachya Review. You are welcome to work on any one, or you can mix and match if you like. We are looking for stories, poetry, essays, flash fiction, art, photography – you name it. Translations are welcome as well. 

Find out your works that relate to the genres Gothic, horror, thriller, mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi for the next issue of Prachya Review – in the form of stories, poems, essays, art, and photography – and send them to within 2 April 2018.

Rules for Submission:
1. Send your write-ups in Word file. Include your biography (short, not more than a hundred words) and a photo. Photo is not mandatory, but we prefer including it. 
2. Please mention in the subject of the email which category you are submitting to (e.g. poetry/ story/ drama/ flash fiction/ article/ essay/ review/ art/ uncategorized). And please give the writer’s or artist’s name and the title of the submission as the name of the word file, just to help us keep track.
3. When you are sending poems, please send at least three; it gives us a chance to choose and select.
4. Word limit is 3000 for prose and not more than 300 for flash fiction. There is no word limit for poetry.
5. Please do not send multiple pieces belonging to separate genres, e.g. poems, stories, articles all together. Try to maintain one genre in one contribution; it makes things easier for us.
6. We expect new and unpublished pieces from you. We have no objection whatsoever if you republish your piece. However, we expect you to attribute that it was first published in Prachya Review.
7. Submission for the next issue is open till 2 April 2018. If the submission is selected, the writer, poet, or artist will be notified by the editors.
8. Please keep patience till the deadline is over. We will notify you about the selection as soon as we can. We are not paying for any writings or artworks but we hope one day we will. So bear with us, read our published issues, and give us your feedback about Prachya Review.

For any inquiry:, and