Prachya Review, 2018


The body has been highly aestheticized and celebrated in art and literature since the first human being started painting on the cave’s wall in the pre-era of civilization. People love to celebrate their body and use the body as protest, as a way to speak and be heard. The world has different attitudes towards body. Abrahamic Religions suggest to cover it up to keep it away from evil eyes. Tribal groups celebrate their bodies through colors and tattoos and this is now getting recognition as body art. We all have obsessions with our own body, we all get pleasure and pain through our body. Although they are emotions but body is the medium to feel them. Science has been trying to reveal the undiscovered mystery of body.

For this issue of Prachya Review we asked artists to create with their bodies. We asked them; What do you think of your body? What is your particular experience of pain and pleasure through it? What unique way do you perceive the world through it? Or is it just a temporary home for your soul?

The body has been used as a metaphor on a large scale, from politics to religion, and the varied responses to this theme was enough to occupy us for a longer time than had been expected. Tolu Daniel, in fluid prose that carries so many stories, unpacks a catalogue of illnesses in his family’s past that reveal the bond they share while Chagor Wangmo explores the relationship of his character and her body as a function of her relationship others. Poets like Salako and Kanchana Priyakantha have given body different meaning through their poetry. The photo-artist Shuvraneel explores the meaning of expression through the tune of dance. A young artist Afrida, who had died recently, showed how bodies and images have been used in expressing a dark mind. We got vibrant thoughts on the Body throughout the world. One wonder with good literature is its ability to take you out of your body to experience the lives of others. Indeed a collection (body of work, see?) is a feast and I invite you to come enjoy this feast of bodies. 


Editorial Panel,

Tj Benson

Shafinur Shafin

Anika Shah

Ian Craven