Month: April 2018

With Quiet Violence by David Whitman

Melissa had already begun to melt. A pool of water ran from her tiny feet onto the wooden floor. Her five-year-old body stood rigid before the fireplace, hands held to her side like a statue, fingers blue and caked with crystals...

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Spellbound by Jude Brigley

It was a long way from there to here. Sometimes she wondered if this place was real or if one day she would wake up back on the farm in the bedroom above the eaves. From that window she had been able to look out at the Cleddau...

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Haiku by Ali Znaidi

*            torrential rain… an errant UFO perches on her umbrella   * star wars… fireflies fight over a hooked moon   * 2 A.M. first an UFO then celestial vampires   * truce… an extraterrestrial butterfly kisses...

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