Month: August 2018

BARE FEET by Chizoma Emeka Joshua

Maame’s three daughters were healers. They could tell which leaf cured poison and how to deal with a snake bite. And because death is life’s concubine, they also knew how to take life – swiftly, with a lot of...

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Bent Ear by Dana Sonnenschein

Dust Yes, there are wolves in India, though all you see are thickets moving in the wind, shimmering grass. They appear in the distance, eyes shining like water on a dry road, and disappear as you draw nearer, their loping...

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Eternity by Ed Schmidt-Zorner

In search of lost eternity in ROME (Proust may forgive me)   I step out onto Via dei Funari into a mild sunshine on a Sunday morning. When my feet touch the cobble stones, I feel the vibration of the eternal city. Church bells...

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