Month: August 2018

Poem by A.M. Gwynn

Minutiae   I. A murder of crows gathers on the porch rails gossiping. Their conversation drags a dark wind across my heart. I don’t trust that crowd. They always know when there will be a death in the house.  ...

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Poems by Sreeja Mitra

Dandelion Fingers   Your hands remind me of magic fountains Tucked away in the corner Of a forgotten tourist town. Civilization has succumbed  To the outgrowth of wilderness here. Ornaments of untamed creepers Have locked...

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Poems by Sujash Purna

Harrowing Tale of a Tale Harrower   Breaking clods of stories, architecting blue prints of the amorphous, dream shaped capsules plopping down like pills in beer bottles.   I am engaged in the blue-eyed barrier, red...

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