Month: December 2018

Poems by Paul Brucker

Breathing Spell   Sitting with the cherry Jell-O in front of me, thanking the universe for this food and all the beings who helped provide it, including the plants, the animals and bacteria.   Really staring at it,...

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This One is Murphy’s by Yasir Khan

For no obvious reason the air of the room was heavy. They kept on staring the television. Lights were turned off. Both of them, snuggled in each other’s arms, stared at the screen. Time and again, he would tickle her belly,...

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An Apology by Vivek Nath Mishra

My mother used to tell me that I was born after a lot of prayers. She never thought she would have a child but when she was in utter despair and the least hopeful, she conceived. She believed that I was a reward, and a gift to...

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