Month: August 2019

The Catatonic Angel By Mark Tulin

“Today’s topic is relationships,” I announced to the group of ten or so patients at the Bright Haven Psychiatric Center. They were either sleeping or talking among themselves. Very few had enough focus to be able to look at me...

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An Unsung Warrior by Nabanita Sengupta

All stories are not dramatic. Some, in fact quite a number of them, arise out of simple day to day life and situations that force a noble heart to take up an uncharted course. We sing paeans to the heroes under the limelight and...

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Safe Harbor by Kitta MacPherson

            The building roars and rumbles as the school’s “Group” period ends. Hundreds of teenage boys stream out of classrooms and into hallways, pushing, taunting, humming, poking, laughing, chatting. Brother Asiel and I are...

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