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The Tea House by Yasir Khan

I found myself standing in a strange room, almost blindly dark at first but things confirmed their places to me after a while as if my eyes had switched to night vision, and at last I realized that it was not that dark, rather,...

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The Scent by Saara Samin  

A few steps away from the threshold where I was sitting embedded inside a time capsule. Staring outside at the glimpse of a rugged man, tumbling and fighting with the weight of his legs. He was our chemistry teacher from a...

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The Inner Quest by Gaurav Sharma

Not so very long ago, there lived a wise man Bhargav in the outskirts of a small town of Kalka. Kalka is a hill station situated in the state of Haryana and a very peaceful place in the lap of nature. It is a remarkable place...

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