Taboo is an activity that is forbidden or sacred. It is defined by our culture through morals and religious beliefs. Taboos also play a part in the sociological framework of our society. One example of Taboo is sex.

          Sex has always been a topic that confronts our humanity and the reason for our existence. Whether one believes God created us or we evolved from evolution, we know for certain that we are physical beings. But do we have a soul and if so, why are we as humans engaging in a physical activity that brings about life? What makes sex so spiritual? Furthermore, our modern day culture has taken on LGBT Rights. These rights and establish ideas of morality for our existence is redefining our traditional view of marriage between man and woman.

          Though there are many debates surrounding any subject of Taboo, it is important to recognize these areas of influence in our life. One way to address Taboos is to allow ourselves to express our humanity, morality and beliefs through story. Prachya Review has attempted to provide an open platform for writers to express their thoughts on Taboo. By learning each other’s’ thoughts and opinions on Taboo we can form a better world view of our humanity and existence. Thank you for submitting your work to Prachya Review. Enjoy the publication that so many of you have helped make possible.