Prachya Review, April 2019

The term ‘feminism’ came from the Latin word ‘Femina’ meaning ‘woman’. The issue of feminism is nothing new in literature. Feminism has always been considered a demand for equality in a patriarchal society. It also talks about the freedom of soul from all kinds of oppression. In literature, we find that writers and poets write of the discrimination between female and male dating back to the ancient period. However, the term was not coined as the same as it is used now. Prachya Review found that feminism does not only address equality, oppression, and discrimination, but it also demands justice for humanity. When we were going through the submissions, it surprised us to see how the view of feminism varies from person to person and even from culture to culture. Prose and poetry submissions shared a few common themes. Some were concerned about the justice of women who have suffered, some told the story of LGBTQ people as part of feminism, and some told the story of lonely women. There are some art pieces that also show the color and image of feminism and justice. We thank everyone who has contributed to this publication of Prachya Review to make it possible. Because of your help, we were able to define through literature what feminism means for us today. For this issue we encourage our readers to explore the world through the eyes of feminism and justice.


Editorial Panel,

Shafinur Shafin

Ian Craven

Anika Shah