Prachya Review, August 2018


In life we often ask ourselves, why are we here? What is our purpose? Inevitably, all of us belong to a culture and are placed in a specific geographical location. This affects how we understand ourselves and who we believe ourselves to be. It is inescapable. We share common needs among each other as a human body. For example, we all rely on food, drink, clean air, and  sleep to survive. In this way, we are all bound to a relationship with the earth until it is our appointed time to leave this mortal shell.

This relationship we have with nature is known in a religious sense as Mother Earth. In a scientific way it may be explained as forces of energy. Others are guided spiritually by observing the cosmos. For ages, people have been fascinated by the Earth, the Moon, and the stars. They point to something divine or more powerful than ourselves, whether that is God or primal energy.

Just like the stars, and the swirling mysteries of the universe, and the phenomenal power of nature, stories also point us towards spirituality and a higher perception of Self. The spiritual  text or stories passed down from one generation to the next help us to explore this deeper understanding of our lives.

Stories hold a truth that we all must discover. The imagination is not only your imagination. It is a bridge to the spiritual realm. It is a gallery of images that express the nature of the truest self. The images are a framework of understanding that transcends the physical world and leads us to the cosmos.

When we think of the cosmos we ask ourselves who we are and ponder our significance. When we put together a story, the pictures in our mind reflect our own lives and help us to relate to one another. We do not only write stories to know ourselves and the people around us better.

We write to know the meaning of our very existence.


Prachya Review invited writers, poets, and artists to explore and express spirituality, mysticism, and the cosmic in literary and artistic creations. And what we have found is a mesmerizing dive into the mystery of our being and all that surrounds us. 


Editorial Panel,

Shafinur Shafin

Anika Shah

Ian Craven