my body aches the darkness

has eaten into the marrow

of my bones everything

hurts from my mind through

to my soul there’s no


hatch from



protein for a celestial being

my brain is turning to

mush scoop it

out and


it to

your dog that’s all

it’s worth these days


dark as my soul is

there is

no grey in this black and white

world I’m afraid of losing

myself yet again to the dark as my soul is

so black it blends

into its surroundings I can feel

myself slipping but have nothing

to grab hold of darkness and despair


upon me once

again I’ll just

climb back

on this roller coaster

and see

what twists and turns it

has for

me this time


About the Poet

Sally Coltzau has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in writing from Southern Cross University, Australia, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Librarianship. Her writing strengths are now dysphoric poetry and prose, after suffering a nervous breakdown.